Design Management

Entries will be invited from practitioners working in the field of design management who can demonstrate best practice and outstanding achievement in the delivery of the design management aspects of projects at any stage.

Judges will be looking for candidates who, as well as having advanced technical skills, inspire and engage with teams, influencing projects for the better. Evidence of achievement can be projects or initiatives that are still ongoing, as well as those that have been recently completed, but you will need to demonstrate continuous improvement and long-term effects on the team, organisation or practice.

Evidence to be addressed on the entry form should include:

  • Understanding and application of design process
  • Use of skills and tool sets
  • Promoting collaborative team-working and engagement
  • Promoting a culture of continuous improvement
  • Catalysing and driving innovation
  • Delivering exceptional value for the customer and stakeholders
  • People skills, communication, influence and negotiation
  • Design leadership
  • Appreciation of the urban and social context and impact beyond the boundaries of the project

This list is not exhaustive and evidence can be drawn from any element of strategic, pre-construction or delivery of design management that demonstrates best practice and outstanding achievement.

Entries are now closed