Conservation & Adaptation

Entries will be invited from practitioners working in the built heritage sector who can demonstrate best practice and outstanding achievement in delivering projects for the conservation and adaptive re-use of historic buildings.

Judges will be looking for exceptional practitioners who can lead a project from inception to completion, demonstrating a deep understanding of this multi-faceted discipline. The work should be completed and must demonstrate achievement in strategic, design, pre-construction, delivery or operational stages.

Evidence you will need to address on the entry form should include:

  • Extensive understanding and application of conservation principles
  • Thorough knowledge and use of traditional skills and techniques including apprenticeships
  • Training and continuous development including other staff, contractors and clients
  • Promotion of collaborative team working and engagement
  • Catalysing and driving sustainable innovation and analysing / instigating its full potential use
  • Excellent client relations
  • Promotion and marketing of heritage and sensitive adaptation

This list is not exhaustive and evidence can be drawn from any element of strategic, tactical or operational practice of conservation & adaptation management that demonstrates best practice and outstanding achievement.

Entries now closed